JCI Vernon Good Citizen Of The Year Award

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January 29, 2020

JCI Vernon Announces 2019 Good Citizen of the Year

Theresia (Resi) Nagler was surprised Wednesday morning at her regular volunteer shift
at the Vernon Hospital by JCI Vernon members who announced she was selected as
the 2019 JCI Vernon Good Citizen of the Year! 
Resi's nominator Ute Cummings said : "She is an amazing woman, who brightens
everyone's day that she sees. She is an inspirational light for many much younger than
herself, always has a smile on her face and lends a hand whenever and where ever she
can. She is very actively involved in many different volunteer and social opportunities in
the area and very committed to her religion and the St. James Church".
One of her major commitments is the St. James Church. For many years, she has
helped out in the church reception office by counting the collection and preparing the
donations for tax receipts as well as preparing multiple mail outs, stuffing envelopes
and folding bulletins. For 7 years she held the communion at Noric House and still today
visits patients in the hospital, Noric House and sick people at home to provide a bit of
comfort and company. Still today she is a greeter at least once a month for the
Saturday evening mass. Talking to fellow church goers, I heard multiple times that she
not just stands there and says 'hello', she engages with people in conversation,
welcomes everyone with a huge smile and converses with them if she has not met
them previously.
Another major volunteer involvement of hers is the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation
for which she has been a volunteer and ambassador for the past 17 years. Her
involvement with the VJH Foundation started with rolling coins after an event, but
certainly did not end there. She actively volunteers during most of their events, be it
cutting fruit and handing those out to walkers during the 'Do it for Dad' walk several
years in a row, answering the donation lines during the Radiothon, attending the annual
Light a Bulb launch day or most recently volunteering in the office to cover the front
desk and phones weekly for an hour or two. Whenever there is any extra work that
requires volunteer help, such as preparing mail outs, counting ballots or preparing
event material, she is always willing to assist a few extra hours per week to get the task
For the past 15 years, she has taken on shifts for the Vernon Winter Carnival by selling
raffle tickets, trinkets, buttons, pins and more in the mall. The director at the mall says:

"She is very reliable, and caring. She will pick up other volunteers if they do not have a
ride. But Resi doesn't rest once Carnival is over. For over 6 years now she takes on
shifts with Nexus BC helping seniors to prepare their tax returns at the Schubert Center.
From the coordinator at Nexus BC" She works with us seasonally assisting about 500
seniors with getting their taxes filed each year.

When I asked others to describe Resi in a few words, these were the answers.
 She is committed to our community and personal health and wellbeing
 She has had lots of hard times in her life, but is always outgoing and smiling.
 friendly
 loves to help others
 funny / has a good sense of humor
 very compassionate
 warm and endearing
 caring
 shows a lot of empathy
 consistently practising optimist
 inspirational light
 Cheerful spirit
 enjoys volunteering everywhere she can and does it because she loves helping

Nicola Dent, Amanda Wilms and Ashley Morgan Co Chair's of the 2019 JCI Vernon
Good Citizen Award said, When we read through all the nominations for the good
citizen of the year Resi's nomination stood out and was very diverse in all her
volunteering activities and the different groups she volunteers with, she has so much
energy and is still wanting to give back, listed above is just a brief description of what
she has done and still does if we had listed everything we would have had three more
pages of her volunteer activities.

Resi will be honored in the Vernon Winter Carnival Parade on February 8nd and at the
Vernon Winter Carnival Winter Break Out at Schubert Centre on February 12th.  Thanks
to the lawyers from Kidston and Company, Resi will be awarded with $500 to donate to
the local charity of her choice. Any businesses wishing to contribute to a community gift
basket for Resi please contact Nicola, Amanda or Ashley at

Nicola Dent, Amanda Wilms and Ashley Morgan Co Chairs, 2019 JCI Vernon Good
Citizen Award


Each year, JCI Vernon recognizes an outstanding member of the community. This award is handed out to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of an individual who has gone above and beyond to make a difference. The winner is awarded in a “surprise” ceremony, and then recognized by the community during the Vernon Winter Carnival and will be awarded with $500 to donate to the charity of their choice.

If you have any questions please contact us at jcivernongoodcitizen@gmail.com
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