World Clean Up Day

On September 15, 2018, World Cleanup Day, people in 150 countries will stand up against the global trash problem and clean up waste, making it the biggest positive civic action the world has seen. Imagine a powerful “green wave” starting in New Zealand and ending in Hawaii with hundred of millions of people taking positive action together on the very same day.

The initiator of World Cleanup Day - Let’s Do It! Foundation has never been only about cleaning up waste. It's a civil society movement taking stewardship of the place we call home - our regions, our countries, our world. First by mapping and cleaning up the illegal waste littering our countryside. Then by delving deeper into the problems why we are wasting so much.

Active people, communities, institutions and coprorations in many countries will join World Cleanup Day to clean up their entire country within just one day. In Estonia (50,000), Latvia (210,000), Lithuania (250,000), Portugal (100,000), Slovenia (270 000), Romania (250,000), Albania (182,000), Kosovo (132,000), Hungary (200,000), Bulgaria (375,000), Ukraine (700 000), India (54,000) and in other countries massive cleanups for a clean planet are taking place. And now we're all going to do it TOGETHER!

More than 20 million volunteers and countless number of organizations have participated in Let's Do It World cleaning events in making the dream of a clean world a reality. We have ambition to action. Join us!

Together we can make a difference!
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Clean The Whole World In One Day

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World Cleanup Day is a worldchanging idea with a humble beginning. The idea to collectively clean a country started in the small nation of Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people came together to clean up the entire country in just five hours.